5 Programming Languages That Will Have High Demand In 2020

Technology is changing the job market. Companies no longer need unskilled labor. Automation is on the rise. Every company is hiring people with digital skills. In the words of Marc Andreessen, software is “eating” the world. That’s why in this article we talk about the digital skills that are in demand these days and are expected become even hotter in 2020. If you want a job with a high salary in 2020, learning these skills would be extremely helpful.
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The demand for Python developers is increasing rapidly around the world as companies begin to understand the power of automation, machine learning, AI and scripting. Python is extremely powerful, and helps in data science and machine learning. According to a Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2019, Python is the fastest-growing language.
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JavaScript is a very powerful programming language. It is used to develop complex web applications. JavaScript is the only language that is native to the browser. It has several frameworks. It is used to develop both frontend and backend modules of applications. Average salary of a JavaScript developer is over $114,000 per year.
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The demand for C language is huge in companies that are involved in low-level software (close to hardware layer) development and embedded systems. Big companies like Google, Apple and Amazon hire hundreds of C and C++ developers every year. Coding in C is hard. Therefore, the influx of developers toward this language is not large. This means more salary and attractive opportunities.
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Companies want skilled JAVA developers as adapt web-based RESFUL architectures. REST APIs help companies make optimized web apps that take fewer resources and perform better than traditional architecture. According to PayScale, average salary of a JAVA developer ranges between $69,000 and $104,000.
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It’s all about data these days. As they say, data is the new oil. Companies are collecting data at a massive level. These companies want data analysts to make sense of these large chunks of data. SQL is the best and most useful language that allows you to query data, make reports and perform complex analysis. According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a SQL Developer is $89,898 per year. The demand for SQL developers and experts will rise in 2020 as the world moves toward data analytics.

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