How I become Blockchain developer and Smart contract hacker 2019-2020

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For about two years I were a freelance Android developer and studied Machine Learning and Neural Networks. At the end of 2017 I decided to become Data Scientist or Blockchain Developer and put my CV on some hiring services and continued working as Android developer. At the same time I started learning blockchain and trading, so we created telegram channel with my friend where we shared review of blockchain projects with some score and predict(like a lot of rating agencies now). I had a goal to finish my Android project at the end of December and to start searching some Blockchain related work at the beginning of 2018. However, at the first week of December I got a call from Sberbank Technologies for an interview and agreed. I understood that I know nothing about Ethereum, Neo, Bitcoin, details of their blockchains, about smart contracts etc. I had a couple of days at my disposal and started preparing for interview. During three days i passed a course about developing Ethereum smart contracts, read Ethereum docs, wrote few smart contracts, deployed them on testnet, developed for them UI and connect with web3js, read a lot of info about Ethereum and Neo, about their blockchains comparison and went to the interview. Of course, I failed this interview because of having no experience in blockchain. But it was very important for me to try my hands. After this failing I decided to finish my Android project as soon as possible and to start learning Blockchain. At the end of December Android app was finished.
Love blockchain, trust Blockchain, build Blockchain!


In January I started to learn solidity, developed few simple projects, visited few meetups and at the end of January got job at HashEx team. I worked there as Blockchain developer and Smart Contract hacker. During period worked there I got a lot of experience in auditing smart contracts on Ethereum and Neo (Best of which are: WePower, INS Ecosystem, Arcona Augmented Reality Ecosystem), also participated in developing HDKeys library, built few blockchain-related services, participated in building online shop with crypto payments. I left HashEx at May and started looking for new projects where I could grow up as a Blockchain developer, but before that we travelled to Germany with my friend and received a portion of motivation.

Callisto Network

In May I had few interviews and got two offers, one of which was from Callisto Network as Smart Contract hacker. Of course, for me Callisto looks better and more interesting than others because their CEO Dexaran works on Ethereum Classic and has big experience in Blockchain. Also I wanna become good smart contract hacker, because if you want to write good contracts you must undertsand how you can hack them, and this also influenced my decision . It was too easy to do good audit report for dice game smart contract and after few weeks I were accepted as middle smart contract hacker.


At the beginning of June I got an offer from ICORating — leading rating agency that issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings. In simple words it’s one of the biggest rating agency in Blockchain. Of course I agreed and started working as Technical Blockchain Analyst and Smart Contract hacker. Blockchain is too interesting and too complicated. There are a lot of people who wanna just make money, also a lot of people who manipulate the market, and of course a lot of people who wanna make the world better by integrating Blockchain to real business. We are the ones, who wanna make blockchain more transparent and better. I’m doing technical reports for ICO projects and auditing their smart contracts and MVP. So I forced to read all their technical documents, look through their code and analyse in which stage their development is now, how development process is going, will the team do all services as they wrote in their roadmap, etc. For me it’s too interesting, I began to understand more and more projects’ ideas and how to develop similar projects, began to do better audit reports, my experience is growing and I become more professional. As much I analyse so much more I can predict usability of project in future. For now it’s the best place for me

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