How To Make PowerPoint Presentation Attractive 2019

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PowerPoint design services are among highly demanded online services. We’ve all suffered through horrible slide shows with long lists of unreadable bullets, pixelated clip art delivered by a speaker who constantly turns away from the audience so they can read from the screen. Well, I have good news.
The good news is: you don’t have to be a professional designer to know how to make an awesome presentation. Here are 7 tips for creating a professional, beautifully designed deck.
1-Do not use the stock template
Never use the stock or free PowerPoint templates. They have already been used in thousands of slides over the years and turn out to be dull and boring.
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2- Do not use bullet points
It is easier to remember content presented in slides than to remember a number of bullet points.
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3- Pay attention 
to cover slide Creating an attractive design for the cover slide can set a positive tone and give a hint to your audience on what to expect in the upcoming slides. It would also generate interest and keep them engaged at the beginning of your presentation.

4- Draw attention by using contrasting text colors
You can focus on important areas of the text by using contrasting colors. However, too much color variations can make it strenuous for the eyes.
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5- Limit words on your slides
Less is more effective, the audience should be listening, not reading.Presentation design services
6- Use infographics to make presentation more interesting
Infographics have the power to combine the best of both worlds (data, facts combined with visuals) and make it apprehensible to practically anyone.
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7- Background images are the base
To attract people and make them listen, the color gradient and background image must be persuasive.
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